13 September 2013

X PRIZE Foundation director lectures at NOVA

On September 12 NOVA International Schools had the honor of welcoming Ms. Emily Fowler, Director of Strategic Initiatives at the X PRIZE Foundation (www.xprize.org) an organization dedicated to developing radical breakthroughs for the benefit of humanity through incentive prize competitions. Ms. Fowler is a guest of the US Embassy in Skopje and as part of her visit she accepted to do an outreach session for US alumni in Macedonia and NOVA high school students.

Ms. Fowler involvement in the X Prize Foundation is to spearhead and oversee the implementation of key strategic projects central to scaling and evolving the X PRIZE model. She brought her background in strategy, commercial creativity and design thinking, during the one-hour lecture, concentrating on the topic of Motivation and Branding. During the lecture she shared her real-world experiences, articulating strategies in which organizations can think differently about innovation, strategic options, and impact.