5 September 2013

Start of the Soccer Season

 Dear NOVA students and parents,

We would like to inform you that the soccer season for our MS and HS Soccer teams for boys and girls will start next week (10-13.September.2013).

All boys and girls from grades 5 - 12 are invited to attend the first practices that are scheduled as follows:

Tuesday (10.Sep.2013)
MS Boys Soccer Team with their coaches
 Mr. Panche Panchevski (pance.pancevski@nova.edu.mk)
 Mr. Mircho Matevski (mircho.matevski@nova.edu.mk)

Wednesday (11.Sep.2013)
MS Girls Soccer Team with their coaches
 Mr. Ivan Markovski (ivan.markovski@nova.edu.mk)
 Ms. Vera Sotirovska (vera.sotirovska@nova.edu.mk)

Thursday (12.Sep.2013)
HS Girls Soccer Team with their coaches
 Mr. Aleksandar Ristovski (aleksandar.ristovski@nova.edu.mk)
 Ms. Stela Conic Jakoska (stela.conic@nova.edu.mk)

Friday (13.Sep.2013)
HS Boys Soccer Team with their coaches:
 Mr. Goran Krkovski (goran.krkovski@nova.edu.mk)
 Mr. Marjan Peovski (marjan.peovski@nova.edu.mk)

The first practices for all teams will be held at FORZA Gym from 3:00 pm – 4:30 pm. The detailed schedule of practices, trips, and tournaments for the entire season will be distributed to the students during the first practice.

For more info or details, please don’t hesitate to contact the coaches or the Athletic Director (Mr. Aleksandar Ristovski).

I wish a great soccer season to all of you,

Aleksandar Ristovski
Athletic Director and Activities Coordinator
NOVA International Schools
Skopje, R. Macedonia