11 December 2012

Elementary and Middle School Winter Performance 2012

"A Forest Fairy Tale" Far to the east, over ranges and rivers lies a single solitary peak. Hidden from the eyes of the curious, the forest hides a mysterious world. Astonishing and unique creatures reside there, protected by their generous and kindhearted fairy. The little forest inhabitants prepared a great feast to honor their beloved fairy. Guests gathered from near and far and celebrated for two days and two nights. On the third day, unexpected visitors interrupted the celebration. They brought fearsome news about a hostile army approaching. Despite the warning, the feast continued…..but not for long! Darkness covered everything and put the little forest in peril. The generous fairy vanished without a trace. There were only a few left in the forest. They were helpless and heartbroken. They sent for the wisest and the strongest. Will they be able to rescue the forest fairy and defeat the darkness?