7 November 2012

CEESA Middle School Girls Soccer Tournament in Sofia

NOVA took part in the CEESA Middle School girls soccer tournament for the first time.

After two months of practice we were ready to take on our first challenge and test our strengths  against other teams at the CEESA Middle School soccer tournament in Sofia, Bulgaria. The tournament lasted for two straight days (November 2nd and 3rd) on the premises of the Anglo American School of Sofia. Our girls played six matches in total and and went up against six teams: ISB Dragons(Belgrade), ISH Huskies (Helsinki), AAS Wolves (Sofia), PSI Panthers (Kiev), and AAS & IBS Mixed Team (Sofia & Belgrade).

The enthusiasm and zeal with which our girls played during the tournament is a testament to the commitment and heart our players have. Throughout the tournament the players showed marked improvement, from their first match to their very last. Requiring they come together as a team. Getting used to the pace, the competitive nature and speed of play takes experience, and time to develop; still, our team managed to show skill(shooting,passing, and talking) and talent on the field while having fun all at the same time. As far as the organization of the event is concerned, we were impressed: great social events for both players and coaches, very accommodating staff, friendly and welcoming host families, a great meal plan, excellent transportation service, and competitive international games. All of these elements combined gave the girls a great travel and soccer experience, making this a very unique international soccer tournament. We look forward to returning again next year!