31 March 2015

Grade 4 students are enthusiastic writers and scientists

Grade 4N students are avid readers and engaged writers. Reading gives them the opportunity to travel to far away places and unknown worlds without having to leave the comfort of their classroom. Fourth graders also enjoy the writing process and always make sure to choose the most vivid and descriptive words, as to paint a picture in the reader's mind. For their latest writing assignment, they first read biographies of famous people to get familiarized with the genre, and afterwards wrote their own autobiographies.  

Besides being avid readers and writers, our students are also fond of science and scientific experiments. Their latest experiment was intended to to confirm their knowledge of static electricity and electrons,  by using only a few basic items. They made a hypothesis, observed what happens when electrons move from one object to another, and wrote down their observations and conclusions.They explored how balloons interact with each other and other objects when rubbed with a wool cloth. Science is fun when you get to do some great hands on activities and projects.

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