12 February 2014

CEESA Knowledge Bowl Competition 2014

We are pleased to announce that NOVA's High School Team won the 4th place at the CEESA Knowledge Bowl tournament held in Vienna last weekend. The time and energy invested during the months of preparation showed that we are on a par with CEESA 's best teams.

Numbers tell it best; in the elimination round on Friday, we accomplished six victories and three ties in twelve matches.  The next day, this trend continued with a winning streak stopping just short of the finals. The most impressive moment was our young team's sensational victory over Moscow's celebrated team by a big score difference, which echoed through the corridors of AIS Vienna. This prompted a huge increase in the self-esteem of all team members. That goes especially for Jana Cvetinovska, who gets a lion's share for the team's victories. Led by Martin Trpovski as captain, the team performed a string of brilliant games. Petar Peshev demonstrated that he is both a fierce competitor and an accurate problem-solver. Ilin Karagjozov's wit and acumen provided yet another contribution to our well-rounded selection. Marko Terzioski's multilingualism proved advantageous to our team. Mark Nedera's extensive knowledge helped our team succeed in multiple question categories. Filip Nikolovski gained the invaluable experience of participating in an international knowledge competition. 


This success opens up a clear prospect for building up a team of experienced and self-assured players, capable of confronting any challenge in the coming years.