7 May 2015

Letter of appreciation

Dear Nova leadership,

I just want to take a minute to tell you what a great experience we have had at Nova this year.  Our four boys have been in four different schools in the past four years with the associated transitions.  All have been good in different ways, but the transition to Nova was much easier and smoother than we anticipated.  They have all made friends and enjoyed learning.  

Nova does a wonderful job in embracing the diversity of the student body and one of the first things we enjoyed was International week early in the school year.  Another advantage at Nova is the extensive exposure to the fine arts with the music, dance and art programs.  The winter performance was an impressive display of this emphasis.  Our oldest would say that from his perspective, the highlight this year has been representing Nova on three different teams in three different countries - basketball in Bulgaria, Math Counts in Croatia, and Knowledge Bowl in Tirana.  Each trip has been an incredible (and new) experience for him.

These are some of the these reasons we are most thankful for our experience at Nova.  However, none of this would be possible without Nova's greatest strength, the excellent teachers.  They are a gold mine.  Although we have only been here one year, we have experience with over a dozen of Nova's talented teachers.  Each is passionate about teaching, eager to tailor their teaching to the students' individual learning styles and interested in the emotional, social and academic development of their students.  

Our third grader has had his best school experience here at Nova, largely thanks to Ms. Milevska. She is an extremely gifted teacher whose love for her students encourages them to do their best.  Even in the areas where they struggle, she focuses on the positive so that the students feel like they can and will succeed.  She knows her students so well and uses their individual passions and abilities to get the whole classroom excited about learning.  

As room parent for fifth grade, I see first hand how Ms. Platz and Ms. Cvetkovic take a team approach to teaching and capitalize on their complementary strengths.  They use diverse and creative ways to teach students with different learning styles and backgrounds.  They also view each student as an individual and both have the wonderful ability to use each student's strengths in the classroom.  

With our seventh grader's recent experience in Knowledge Bowl, we have gotten to know Mr. Davis.  His passion for teaching and literature come through in each interaction.  In leading the Knowledge Bowl team, not only did he encourage the students to work hard and strategize, but he also presented a balanced view of competition that valued good sportsmanship above winning.  We especially appreciate the time he and other teachers invested in extracurricular activities, making unique experiences like Knowledge Bowl possible.  

Ms. Markovska, Ms. Evans and Ms. Stevoska manage a large class of young and diverse students so skillfully that it looks easy!  Our quiet first grader has flourished in their classroom and has developed the confidence to contribute to classroom discussions.  This spring, they have also worked very hard to successfully provide a seamless transition from one primary teacher to another. 

We could not be more positive about our experience at Nova this year.  We are grateful to each of you for the role you play, and especially to the teachers who have been so wonderful for our boys.


From Nova Parents