13 February 2014

CEESA High School MathCounts Competition 2014

We had a great time in Bucharest!Despite the long time it took us to get there and return, we enjoyed the city¹s contrasts: its vivid ³old town² and its gray residential areas, its cold weather and the warm hospitality of our hosts, but most of all we enjoyed the thrill of the mathematics competition we participated in. Led by Vasil Kuzevski, our most experienced competitor for whom this was the third participation on a competition of  this kind, our senior division team swept through the ranks of the opposing teams, winning the first prize in the team part of the competition. Vasil¹s teammates Sergej Grunevski and Stefan Petrevski had no small contribution to the victory, especially considering the fact that Stefan, who is in the junior division age group, competed against older and much more experienced competitors. To further our success, Vasil ended up second in the senior division individual competition, but only after a three round tie in the head-to-head countdown round. Our junior division team members: Katerina Bujarovska, Mimi Kostoska and Armina Sinani, all of whom participated for the first time, gained invaluable experience. They are willing and able to follow in the path set by our senior team and are aware of the high hopes and expectations they have to live up to. It will be up to them to keep our current achievement level or improve it further in the following years. Whatever the outcome, our community is very proud of our students and admires their achievements. Well done guys!