23 December 2013

"Matilda/Michael Jackson"

In their pristinely chaste and depravity-proof state of mind and heart, the young ones can provide the most insightful truths about life. Matilda is a larger-than-life story whose eponymous character is a child prodigy misplaced in a low-brow, unscrupulous, and neglectful family. Matilda, an avid reader of books, looks forward to going to school, but, alas, the school is run by a principle who is nothing short of a bully. Stranded in a world of dishonest and beguiling adults, Matilda does not give up: powered by the force of books, this enlightened young girl sets off to redress the injustices adults are so prone to incur. There is a lesson to learn: Once in a while, we ought to take another, fresh look at the world through the eyes of children.

“A tribute to Michael Jackson”
There was a very young boy who liked nothing more than to dance and sing, and that is what his did his whole life with unmatched beauty and grace. What he did was so thrilling that soon he was dubbed the King of Pop. These 12 songs are a small homage to a musical legend, Michael Jackson, whose musical legacy has more than marked one era.