5 September 2017

New Faculty Introductions 2017-18 - Deborah Haines

Dear NOVA Community, my name is Deborah Haines, I come from California and have been in education for 25 years, and as of now, have taught in five countries: U.S., Germany, Portugal, Dominican Republic, and now here in Macedonia.

My background and passion is English Literature and Writing, and my early experience was teaching IB English at the high school level. Since then I have developed my leadership skills as Curriculum Coordinator for IB's Middle Years Program in several schools, and also was fortunate to work for the
IB Organization as a school evaluator and trainer. I have a grown daughter who was an IB student, who now works as an Environmentalist. I tend to think, breathe, and live education, but when I am not, I love reading, yoga, and the ocean.