14 September 2017

Knowledge Bowl match, September 2017

Our HS Knowledge Bowl (KB) team decided to start this year's activities with a rarely seen battle of GIRLS versus BOYS. This time around there were no teachers in the arena, only experienced competitors: Ina, Anastasija, Ana, and Jovana, on the girls' side, versus the ardent boys' team comprised of Emil, Borjan, Sergej, and Art. The master of ceremony was, as always, our own Svetlana Guguchevska, long-time coach of the MS KB team with a relentless passion for the game. The game itself was dynamic and full of suspense throughout, with hits and misses on both sides. At the end of the heated competition, the boys' team won by a single point - 17:16. If you enjoyed the competition, and, perhaps even answered some of the questions yourself, we invite you to join our KB team in the forthcoming season.

Check out the photo gallery from the event here