14 September 2017

FiRC presentation, September 2017

On Wednesday, September 13th, Foundations in Research students were treated to an account of the experiences of a former FiRC student, Josip Apostolski. Josip, who is currently a senior at NOVA, completed FiRC last year. He decided that he had insight to share with this year's students regarding the research and writing process. Josip's work last year was quantitative in nature, as he ran a statistical analysis of NOVA test scores. Josip analyzed the relationship between SAT scores and the IB and AP programs to determine which program's curriculum and instruction produced the highest SAT scores. FiRC students, Josip explained, are helped by understanding that academic research and writing is approachable from many angles and open to people with a variety of interests. Josip's walk-through did a great deal to demystify the process for new students.

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