12 December 2013

International Model European Parliament Session 2013

From November 30th – December 7th the International Model European Parliament session took place in Vilnius, Lithuania. The international session brought together more than 200 students from 30 European countries for a weeklong event that simulates the work of the European Parliament.

The Model European Parliament program from Macedonia had five delegates present and participating in the event as a result of their accomplishment on the national MEP simulation that took place this October. As representatives of the Macedonian delegation we had students from five different high schools. Our delegates were participating in the work of different Committees.

Namely our delegation was composed from:

§ Gligor Micajkov, Josip Broz Tito high school (Head of delegation)

o Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs

§ Mila Georgievska, NOVA International Schools

o Committee on Development

§ Antonija Grncharovska, Georgi Dimitrov high school

o Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs

§ Teodora Angelevska, Orce Nikolov high school

o Committee on Culture and Education

§ Boban Sugareski, Nikola Karev high school

                     o Committee on Foreign Affairs

The delegates worked in the Committees and drafted resolutions to tackle EU current problems and challenges and they presented their work in front of each other at the GA sessions. The GA sessions were held in the Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania (Lithuanian Parliament), while the venue for the Committee meetings was in different Lithuanian ministries.

During the session, delegates learned a lot about the European Union by simulating the work of European MP-s and from the speeches and lectures that were made possible for them.

The students also had a chance to learn about the local culture through field trips, visiting institutions and most importantly spending an entire week with a Lithuanian family in their homes.

For this great experience we have to thank our lovely Lithuanian hosts, the Model European Parliament Foundation. NOVA will continue to fund and support the Macedonian MEP office and National Sessions, due to their focus on promoting a civil society and EU institutional awareness amongst high school students.