10 December 2013

Model European Parliament Speech Competition

The office of the Model European Parliament (MEP) at NOVA will be holding the 4th MEP Speech Competition on Thursday, December 12 from 3pm in the HS Library. Students will be competing for a place to represent NOVA at the 4th National Session of the Model European Parliament due to take place in February 2014. The topic for this competition is 'Should the European Parliament have more power?'. This event is open to high school students and all interested in participating should register by filling out the registration form on the following link no later than Tuesday, December 10: https://docs.google.com/a/nova.edu.mk/forms/d/1AjyWpmaC7vmi-cMKTzT3qDyK11O1llgOTGEgMSQsTz8/viewform
The event is also open for all who are interested in attending.

Further information about the MEP programme can be found via the official Facebook page: www.facebook.com/MEPMacedonia
Blog: www.mepmk.wordpress.com