5 December 2013

NOVA hosts Global Connections XVI

After extraordinary seminars in the past five years in Thailand, Jordan, South Africa and Botswana, New Zealand and Colombia, this year’s Global Connections XVI will be held in Macedonia, Northern Greece and Cyprus. NOVA has the honor of hosting the latest gathering of world recognized educational institutions, under the leadership of Viktor Novakovski, Deputy Head of School. Besides a visit to Macedonia and NOVA International Schools, participants will be introduced and have a chance to spend time in schools in Northern Greece and Cyprus.

The catalyst for the creation of the Global Connections Seminar were Heads of Schools, representatives of The Association of Boarding Schools (TABS) and the Federation of American and International Schools (FAIS), under the guidance of Peter D. Pelham, founding director of Pelham Associates, an educational advising group in Maryland. The first Global Connections was hosted in Botswana, and the last in Columbia. At the heart of the Global Connections Seminar is the belief that by gathering a diverse group of educators from around the world, each participant will often be exposed to educational initiatives beyond their own country's efforts.

For more information on the seminar, vista the following link: http://www.globalconnections.org/news_and_initiatives/GCSeminarXVI.aspx