12 October 2018

Week without walls, Veliko Tarnovo.

The very first day the students were exploring the city through a scavenger hunt and after the lunch they hiked to the top of the mountain and entered the fortress, armory and the tower. In their words: a real Lord of the rings and Game of Thrones experience. The next day they visited craft shops and monasteries and entered a deep cold cave near Veliko Tarnovo. Everyone was thrilled. On a third day students visited the University St. Cyril and Methodius in Veliko Tarnovo. They had a lecture on history of the Balkan countries. After that they visited the Museum of the Bulgarian uprising and several churches and tombs. Our students were interested and pro-active in all the activities. On the last day the crew took a short stop in Sofia and it safely came back home. It was another wonderful educational experience for our students and everybody agreed that they hardly wait for the next week without walls challenge!

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