This course is a graduation requirement, but unlike all others, it does not formally meet. The student sets weekly or monthly meeting times with an appointed mentor. The course aims to accomplish the following: prepare students to produce a semester long independent investigation of a topic (persistent work, under a clear timeframe, broken down into specific tasks, subject to occasional supervision only); teach the student how to produce a disciplined written analysis (clear, concise, consistent style and format, pertinent to field of investigation); teach the student how to use arguments in the paper (use of hard evidence, main and supporting arguments to clearly support the thesis); teach the student how to use evidence from reputable sources to support arguments, and how to discern relevant from irrelevant authorities on topic; teach the student department specific guidelines for writing an academic research paper (MLA, APA, Turabian) There is a required field trip to several public library resources. The final grade is Pass/Fail; the student is graded on two drafts and one final paper.
Restrictions: Class estimate: 5 Pre-requisite(s): Field Trip to Library Open to grade(s): Required in either 11 or 12 Co-enrollment: Junior or Senior classes
This course is a writing workshop. It has been included in the curriculum both to improve student writing skills applicable to all academic disciplines and to prepare students for the SAT that incorporates essays in its evaluation process. While a review of the mechanics of writing is included in language program, the emphasis here is on the exploration and application various interdisciplinary strategies that enable writers to develop meaning ideas and express them clearly. Essays are written on a variety of relevant topics across all departments.
Restrictions: Class estimate: 20 Pre-requisite(s): None Open to grade(s): 9