Moving Forward

Our Kindergarten Program provides a continuation of the early education process, focusing on the whole child, their social and emotional growth as well as their academic development. Our teachers organize the classroom around learning centers that provide a wide range of age appropriate activities, with special emphasis on basic literacy and numeracy skills. Our language program immerses students in English where they begin or continue developing their fluency. Students enjoy a rich learning environment designed to encourage their love of stories, and after mastering the alphabet to begin reading simple books. The math program explores the concept of whole numbers and problem-solving through the use of manipulatives and games. The science program encourages young learners to think creatively and become active explorers of their immediate environment, and the world around them. Our Kindergarten program also provides specialized instruction by qualified teachers in music, physical education, and dance. Our students develop personal qualities such as self esteem and independence in a fun, creative and stimulating environment.


  •  Our Kindergarten Program is a full-day experience: 8 am - 3 pm.

  •  Stay can be extended until 5pm through the Daycare program.

  •  Maximum group size: 18 students with two adults.

  •  Age of children by September of school year: 5 – 5.5 years.