School Day

Our school day begins at 8:00 and ends at 14:55.  Students are expected to be in their classrooms and ready to learn at 8:00.  Students are provided a locker to store their personal items and textbooks.  Each locker comes with a key, one copy of which is kept at security.  The fee to replace a lost key is 150mkd. 

The middle school utilizes a block schedule.  This block schedule rotates on an A day B day schedule.  Core classes are 75-85 minutes long and alternate between A and B days.  Specialty classes are forty minutes long and two take place per block. The block schedule allows for more in depth classes, ensures that students have less homework each night by breaking up core classes into alternating days, is more developmentally appropriate to how middle school kids learn, and allows for in class support by the teachers to reinforce key concepts.  Twice a week students have homeroom class.  This class provides direct instruction in organizational, study and time management skills.  Students also create and maintain assessment portfolios during this time.  Students have a ten minutes snack break in the morning and then an hour for lunch in the afternoon.  On homeroom days students have a forty minute lunch break to accommodate homeroom class.  This hour ensures that students have plenty of time to eat a healthy lunch and to socialize.