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Who We Are

We are parents and teachers that strive to create and foster opportunities that enrich and support Nova International School students, staff, parents and community.

Monthly Newsletter

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  • Assembly:  All members

  • Managing Board: Co-Chairs, Secretary, Treasurer

  • Committees and Committee Coordinators: Outreach, Events & Fundraising, School Improvement


 What We Do

  • Inspire

    • Support and/or provide activities and events that enhance Nova students, parents, staff and community.

    • Be purposeful and transparent in PTA Fundraising

    • Promote Clean Air Campaign.

  • Inform

    • Strive communications about PTA meetings, programs, and advocacy issues.

    • Primary issues of focus include Clean Air Campaign and safety of student-school exchange time.

    • Advocate within and beyond Nova community to support Nova International School mission and public education in general.

  • Include

    • Expand the number of Nova volunteers and volunteer opportunities.

    • Make it easier to engage in PTA programs and activities.

    • Appreciate and value PTA volunteers.

    • Create opportunities to foster social connections and cultural awareness.

    • Promote and maintain membership so that every student is represented by an adult PTA member.

  • Foster the continuing positive atmosphere of the school through better communication and valid suggestions.


  • Christmas Performance and Gathering

  • Easter Egg Hunt

  • NOVA Family Spring Bazaar

  • Garage Sale and Sport Day

  • Bake Sales

  • Teacher Appreciation Luncheon

When We Meet

  • The Assembly meets quarterly. Sessions are listed on the school calendar.

  • The Managing Board and Committees meet monthly.

How to Get Involved

  • Join a committee of your preference.

  • Join us at the General Assembly February 22 2017 at 6pm at HS Library to discuss upcoming PTA events.

  • Contact us through our e-mail or phone: 2 3061-907 ext. 115 (Lazar Pop Ivanov, Communcations Coordinator extension)

PTA activities 2015-16

PTA activities 2014-15

Photo galleries from PTA organized events: