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What are the admissions steps you need to take to become a part of our community?

Step 1

Schedule a meeting with the admissions team: either in person or virtual

Step 2

Create an account on our admissions portal


Step 3

Submit necessary supporting documentation:

  • Online application on ALMA START
  • Recent digital passport-size photo of the student
  • Copy of passport/birth certificate 
  • School records for the past two years (not applicable for PK3, PK4, and K applicants)
  • Vaccination card and Health Form (attached to the application)
  • Teacher recommendation letter (required for students grades 1-12)

ES ENG Teacher recommendation ES MK Teacher recommendation

SS ENG Teacher recommendation  SS MK Teacher recommendation

  • Standardized assessments from previous school (required for students grades 1-12)

Step 4

Assessments and interview 
All applicants are required to complete an interview and undergo an assessment process (not applicable for PK3, PK4, and K students) before admission is granted. The diagnostic test we use is the NWEA MAP Admissions Screening Test which includes assessments in Mathematics and Reading. Students are expected to score at or above grade level to be granted admission.

Step 5

Application review and admissions decision
Each completed application is reviewed by an admissions committee and will lead to an admissions decision.

  • Admission Offer: The application was positively reviewed and there is a grade-level/program place available
  • Waitlist: The application was positively reviewed, but there is currently no grade-level/program place available; the Admissions team will contact you if a place opens up
  • Denied: The application does not meet grade-level standards and/or support programs are filled to maximum capacity or we don’t have the required appropriate level of support.