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Tuition and Fees

Dear prospective families,

We use a two-tiered tuition model: Regular and Reduced.

The level of tuition assessed depends on the student’s citizenship, with Regular Tuition being apportioned to international citizens and Reduced Tuition to citizens of North Macedonia. A student’s tuition status is based on the information received by filling out the application form.

If a prospective international family is unable to meet the assessed tuition and fees, they can fill out a Tuition Discount Request obtained from our School Accounts Coordinator Ms. Julijana Curukovska (, and provide accompanying documents. The school will make every effort to quickly process and determine the tuition and fees required from that family.

International students and families are an important part of our community. Thus, families will be supported if they need a modified approach to servicing the regular tuition. 

Should you have any questions or concerns regarding the school's tuition model and assessment policy feel free to contact Ms. Julijana Curukovska.

Tuition and Fees 2024-2025


Students enrolling/withdrawing after the commencement of classes are charged tuition according to the following schedule:

1st Quarter

(August 20th, 2024-October 18th, 2024)        

 100%/45% of annual tuition                      

2nd Quarter

(October 21st, 2024-January 24th, 2025)   

 85%/65% of annual tuition

3rd Quarter

(January 27th, 2025- March 21st, 2025)

 65%/85%  of annual tuition

4th Quarter

(March 24th, 2025-June 13th, 2025)

45%/100%  of annual tuition