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Student-run Clubs

The student-run clubs are managed through the Student Council body. The Council consists of 20-25 members working together to address student concerns and propose solutions to ongoing issues that affect them. The Council shares its conclusions with the school’s administration or the principals. The entire community, including the Student Support Services team, works together to find optimal outcomes, minding the students’ interests and needs. The student body also organizes various events, such as bake sales and different-themed workshops.

Currently, we have the Film & Philosophy Club, where students explore philosophical concepts rendered into art through the film medium. At the same time, the Arts and Culture Club provides a space for students to explore their creativity and means of expression, exposing them to various artists and art forms from across the world.  

At the Chess Club, students learn the game’s secrets and can partake in chess tournaments. The Physics Club allows students to take a deep dive into some of the most important scientific concepts, thus making the subject both interesting and enjoyable. 

At the MUNA Club (the Model United Nations Association), students focus on their public speaking and debating skills while at the same time, they learn about the role and the impact of the United Nations.

The Book Club occurs monthly at the Secondary School library, where students discuss books of their preference, developing their thinking and writing skills. Lastly, the Literacy Club enables students to investigate different literary genres and find ways to improve their writing. 

These clubs offer diverse opportunities for students to learn, grow, and connect with their peers. Students are continually encouraged to explore other venues of interest and organize a club around them, soliciting their classmate's interests.