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Health Service

At NOVA, good health is considered part of the learning atmosphere. We view our students as whole beings with physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual dimensions.

NOVA has a registered doctor on duty each day. The role of the school doctor includes attending to primary health needs, sports, and orthopedic injuries, emergency care, and first aid. The doctor also attends to health promotion through screenings and education, preparation for unexpected events, and monitoring of contagious illness for students traveling to school functions in other countries. He or she also is attentive to the safety of the school environment and grounds.

It is not uncommon for students to need a listening ear on occasion. Often, talking things through with a neutral third party can help clarify thoughts, feelings, and actions. The doctor has the liberty to ask personal questions about health behaviors or conditions or talk through troubling emotional or social matters.

We aim to promote health through physical activity and a balanced diet. The healthy food choices at our cafeterias offer nutritious alternatives to processed packaged food. Our elementary and middle school students participate in daily physical education and dance classes. From time to time, students organize informal lunch-break sports tournaments.

The open architectural design in the elementary building with a view of the mountains on both sides gives the atmosphere of a refreshing green space. This natural light reduces the fatigue of being in closed spaces with artificial lighting and promotes an atmosphere for learning. The glass doors can be opened to allow fresh air to circulate.

Social development is a natural dimension at an international school. Part of the learning task for students is learning to relate to others, discovering other points of view, and interacting respectfully with personalities and cultures different than one’s own. This is highlighted all the more by the broad cultural mix that stirs daily in our halls.

Whenever two or more people are together, conflict is also present. This is no less so at an international school. We emphasize healthy and respectful relationships through personal conversations between staff and students and discussions about social matters. Students are directly engaged in problem-solving about bullying. Staff encourages open discussion of differences. Though no social setting is without conflicts, an expectation of honest dialogue helps to resolve them.

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