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A Culinary Voyage that Will Inspire You to Embrace a Healthy Lifestyle

🍯We were honored to host a Traditional Slovenian Breakfast with the Slovenian Embassy in Skopje. Watch our video showcasing the exquisite charm of a traditional Slovenian breakfast! Immerse yourself in the rich flavors as we explore the simplicity of bread, honey, milk, and apples— pillars of wholesome nutrition.

Parents Learn about the State Matura Exam Procedures

👉At a session held at our Upper Secondary School Library, parents were given a comprehensive overview of the State Matura exam. This included detailed information on exam dates, submission deadlines, protocols, and necessary procedures. Additionally, parents were acquainted with the school's support system and the individuals responsible for assisting students in case they require help.

Our Jelena Nikodinoska Chapovska Promoted Her Novel at the PTA Coffee Morning

✒️In the presence of students, colleagues, and parents, our DP English Teacher, Јелена Никодиноска Чаповска, talked about her novel, "Silence". She shared her writing experience, elaborating on her inspiration and motive to write about a topic rarely discussed in public, namely the feeling of loss when having a stillborn. She openly talked about taking into consideration the audience's feedback, as she is a person who constantly learns as a writer, teacher, and mother. She also provided insight into her research process, including talking to women with such experiences, medical journals, and articles about the body's physiology.