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NOVA Graduates to Study Across Western Europe

📌We are proud to share the accomplishments of our senior students regarding their academic journeys. Hence, one student has been conditionally admitted to the Liberal Arts and Science Bachelor program at the Erasmus University College, the Honors College of Erasmus University Rotterdam. Another soon-to-be-graduate has been accepted at the International University of Monaco, where he will pursue a degree in business management. At the same time, another peer, sharing the same passion for the subject, has received a conditional offer from the prestigious Queen Mary University of London. Lastly, a senior student got two conditional offers from the renowned University of Edinburgh to study physics and astrophysics.

First-graders Learn How the World Works at the Botanical Garden

☘️🌿To better understand the world surrounding us, the first-graders had a field trip to the Botanical Garden, located within the Natural Sciences Faculty in Skopje. There, they had a guided tour, where an expert explained plants' adaptation mechanisms and showed them examples of exotic plants that have adjusted to their environment.

Feel the Love and Watch Our Valentine’s Day Video!

💕Join us for a heartwarming Valentine's Day celebration that promises giggles, creativity, and pure joy! Our young students geared up for a day filled with crafting beautiful cards, sharing laughter, and telling the cutest jokes that will warm your hearts. Be sure to watch the video so you too, can feel our love!💌

🏵Several NOVA Graduates are UK-Bound!

👏We want to congratulate our graduates who have received conditional offers from several universities in the United Kingdom. One senior is set to embark on the esteemed Film Studies program at Queen Mary University of London. Additionally, we proudly announce a conditional offer from the University of Aberdeen in Scotland for Molecular Biology studies!