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Transportation Service

The bus service is contracted out to the company Transportation Service, intended for оur students' transportation. 

The bus service runs Monday through Friday, following the regular school schedule, with various pickups at different locations in the morning and then an afternoon pick-up in front of the school. Students signed up for the bus service but attending an after-school activity will have to be collected by their parents.

Door-to-door service is not presently offered, and instead, children will be picked up and dropped off at designated safe points, as close as possible to their homes. The bus routes will be finalized and communicated to parents during the first week of school, with service commencing in the second week. Bus routes will not be published or publicly announced for security reasons. 

While every effort will be made to keep to the scheduled times, the bus service is subject to traffic conditions, so the times cannot be guaranteed. Our primary goal would be to get your children safely to school while keeping travel time to a minimum. Should the bus be late on any given day, we ask parents to be patient and wait with their children in the morning until the bus arrives, as well as to wait at the designated bus stop to greet their children after school. 

Our bus service is both environmentally friendly and reduces congestion at the school. Campus safety is our primary concern; with fewer cars and reduced congestion, everyone’s safety is greatly enhanced.  

Bus Service sign-up form

Information in Macedonian

Bus Guidelines (in Macedonian

Bus Service sign up

You can only register for the bus service once your child has applied and been admitted to NOVA. Parents should submit the Application and Contract for Bus Service (English and Macedonian) at the time of admittance or before the beginning of the school year. If space is available, families may apply for this service during the school year.

Although every effort will be made to accommodate as many students as possible with their transportation needs, registration will be on a first-come, first-served basis, and we cannot guarantee a seat on the bus for every child signed up for the service. We encourage interested parents to sign up as soon as possible.

Bus Fees

The semester bus service fee is €750 per student. One-way transportation is available for €480 per student, with priority given to families that sign up for round-trip transportation. A VAT of 5% is included in the fee. Fees must be paid by two weeks from the commencement of service; otherwise, your child will be unable to use it. The fee cannot be prorated and has to be paid in full. An invoice with all pertinent information will be issued upon submission of the filled out and signed application and contract form for bus service. 

If you would like to apply for the bus service, please complete the Bus Service Application Form and Contract, available in the Administration office or on our website, and submit the completed documents to Ms. Ivana Stojneva, our Budgets and Fees Coordinator, in the Upper Secondary building or contact her by e-mail:, phone: 3061-807 ext. 119. Once all applications have been collected, parents will be informed whether their child has been registered for the bus service, and those accepted will be given bus schedules and routes. Changes to the routes can be made occasionally to accommodate as many students as possible, but parents will be informed ahead of time so they can plan accordingly.


A bus service usage agreement will be entered for the semester or full school year. Individual invoices will be issued covering the period selected. The invoice must be paid within two weeks from the commencement of service for a student’s place on the bus to be guaranteed.

Payment Instructions

Please note that if a student is unable to use the transportation service due to being signed up for an after-school activity, which overlaps with the afternoon drop-off time, the amount of the service cannot be prorated and the fee will need to be serviced in full.

Contact Information

The representative of the transport company (Transportation Service) is Mr. Nikola Smilkov (, responsible for questions concerning the bus service, drivers, or routing.

Families and riders are reminded that NOVA serves as a liaison with the transport company to aid in coordinating the service but is not responsible for routing decisions, pick-up times, and financial matters.

Nikola Smilkov

Transportation Service Representative


Telephone: 3109-009

Mobile: 070-367-735

Important Reminders

  • If the student signed up for the bus service is not using either the pick-up or drop-off bus service on any given day, it is the responsibility of the parents to contact the Transportation Service company or the school before 7:00 am to relay this information to the driver on time. If the child is not using the drop-off, the transport company or school must be contacted by 11:00 am.

  • When schedule changes affect the entire school (shortened schedule days), bus pick-up and drop-off times will be adjusted accordingly. However, if time or schedule changes affect only a portion of the student body (e.g., school performances, field trips, etc.), bus pick-up and drop-off times will not be adjusted, and it is the responsibility of the parents to make alternative travel arrangements for their children. Additionally, parents are required to notify the transport company and school that the student will not be using the return transport service on that particular day.