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Elementary School

The Elementary School and the Early Education Center use the IB Primary Years Programme, from PreK3 (3 year olds) to Grade 5 (11 year-olds), as our transdisciplinary framework where we allow students to learn across multiple subject areas while investigating big ideas.

We aim to not only build knowledgeable, skilled and creative thinkers but also open-minded and caring participants in the community who take action to make the world a better place through participation, advocacy, lifestyle choices, social entrepreneurship and supporting social justice. Students in this divisions acquire skills, understanding and content in real world contexts, while being continuously encouraged to use their critical thinking, creativity and ability to reflect. They also experience hands-on activities, field trips, performances, presentations and exhibitions which add significant value to the learning experiences that prepare them for the MYP. The Early Education and Elementary School facilities are purposefully built to create an engaging and inspiring atmosphere, further enriching the curriculum. Our exceptional facilities and commitment to nurturing well-rounded, compassionate individuals make it a place where students are excited to learn and grow.


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