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EAL Program

NOVA offers an English as an Additional Language (EAL) support program to students with insufficient English language proficiency to successfully learn the corresponding grade level curriculum and fully participate in mainstream classes. As a WIDA International School Consortium member, WIDA's research-based standards and assessments are utilized to decide upon each student’s type of support.  

The EAL support program consists of push-in and pull-out classes; it offers small-group instruction by trained EAL teachers and takes place during the regular school day. This hybrid model of English language teaching is currently the best one offered by many international schools worldwide, as EAL students benefit from both explicit language instruction and from taking part in mainstream classes with appropriate scaffolding and support. 

EAL students may be assessed differently until they have reached a level of proficiency where they can understand and respond to the information and skills taught in each subject. The homeroom and EAL teachers will determine the format of the EAL support provided after proper assessments have been made. Students may receive  EAL support for a few years and will exit only after reaching a specific level of proficiency. 

After-school tutoring by a trained teacher can also be provided for an additional cost.