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Student Support Services

We provide comprehensive and coordinated student support services, as this is critically important for our student's social, emotional, and academic development. 

The Student Support Services (SSS) aim to foster positive relationships among educators and students, thereby increasing students' attachment to the school, and serving as an essential link between students, their families, school resources, and community-based health and social services.

The following forms of counseling support are available to students at NOVA:

Guidance Lessons 

Guidance lessons are taught twice a month in Elementary and Secondary Schools. These lessons focus on the student's academic, personal, and social-emotional development. 

Responsive Services 

Counselors provide responsive support for identified students who are open to receiving support for issues that impact their mental health, social-emotional well-being, or academic progress. Responsive services may be initiated by a student, a teacher, or a principal, or via parent referral. 

Individual Student Planning 

This type of student support service most often takes place during the secondary school years. Students meet with counselors to identify classes and schedules that fit their needs and aspirations and receive advice on their future career and college enrollment plans. 

Systems Support

Counselors represent the interest of student well-being on various campus-wide improvement teams, policy development, and school-wide programs designed to create favorable student outcomes. 

Center for Differentiated Learning

The Center for Differentiated Learning (CDL) provides support to students with mild to moderate learning differences, foundational gaps, and/or behavioral or emotional challenges. These services aim to create an optimal learning environment in order for students to develop the necessary skills to reach their full academic and personal potential. The center's assistance extends beyond the classroom setting, as members work closely with students, teachers, parents, and administrators. The main focus is to create Individual Education Plans (IEPs), tailored to the specific needs of each student. The center also provides in-class and one-on-one support. 

The process consists of several steps:

  • Individual learning needs assessment
  • IEP development and application
  • Student progress monitoring

Mission Statement

The CDL aims to provide specific and concrete support to increase students' academic and personal success, by addressing their identified needs. 

Goals and Objectives

  • To help students achieve their full academic and personal potential
  • To enable students to become self-reliant and experience positive personal and academic growth
  • To help students develop learning skills and emotional competencies, such as emotional regulation, self-management, responsible decision-making, relationship skills, social awareness, etc.

Referral and Assessment

Identifying students that will benefit from CDL services is the first step of the assessment process. Newly enrolled students with an existing IEP or those that have an identified learning difference or behavioral challenge are directly admitted to the center if the school determines that it disposes of the resources to fully meet their needs. Students may also be referred to the center by a concerned parent, teacher, counselor, or administrator. 

Bear in mind that additional fees are charged for CDL services.

The tuition contract for the CDL services can be accessed at this link

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