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Technology Integration


Technology integration implies the use of technology tools in general content areas in education in order to allow students to apply digital and technology skills to learning and problem-solving. Tech integration is not just about knowing how to use your computer in class and it is not about learning about computer science. Tech integration means utilizing all of the tools available in our fast-paced society in order to have the best educational experience It is about learning the rules of good digital citizenship, and about creativity and art. We hope this website helps you navigate the wonderful world of technology.


BYOD  means that students are allowed to bring and use their personal devices, such as laptops or tablets into the classroom. Our students are surrounded by technology on a daily basis. Most of them actively use technology to access learning, both in and outside the classroom. Instead of neglecting technology use and its benefits, our school strives to teach students how to best utilize technology in their individual learning. In line with our mission and vision - to nurture creative and passionate learners with the skills to make positive change - students at NOVA are encouraged to use personal devices throughout the school day, enhancing their learning capabilities. 


NOVA Robotics Team Wins “Design Award” at International Competition in Tirana, 2023


Students are allowed to bring and use devices with keyboard access, word processing software, and web browser functionalities, such as laptops, notebooks, and tablets with a keyboard. Gaming devices with internet access are not permissible. Cell phones may be used at teacher's discretion for academic purposes.

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