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Tutoring at NOVA

Tutoring Procedures

While Student Support Services or a homeroom/subject teacher may identify a potential tutoring need and share this information with a student’s parents/guardians, the process of requesting a tutor begins when the parent/guardian formally requests a tutor for their child.

To formally demonstrate interest, a parent/guardian fills out the Tutor request form

For any question concerning the role of tutoring in their child’s education parents/guardians should reach out:

In Elementary (Ms.Natasha Mitevska Senior Admissions and Administration Coordinator

In Secondary (Mr. Aleksandar Ristovski, Assistant Secondary Principal

For any question concerning the fees and contract associated with tutoring, parents should contact our Fees Coordinator Ivana Stojneva ( and 3061-807 ext. 119). 

Once a formal request is made by a parent or guardian via the Tutor Request Form, the Fees Coordinator will reach out to provide information on available tutors. 

Once a prospective tutor is located, a schedule of tutoring sessions will be agreed upon between the family and the tutor. 

The Division Principal will have final say on any tutoring arrangements, and will give preference to faculty who do not teach students as a tutor. 

Tutoring occurs after the regular school day, and is supplemental to a student's regular program of learning, rather than integrated into the school day.

Learning support is only provided for students’ identified academic needs and not as their homework support. 

The tutoring support can start once the contract is signed and payment is completed.

NOTE: Although every effort is made to pair student(s) who require tutoring with a suitable and adequate tutor, NOVA cannot guarantee that such a match would always be possible.