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The Arts

We strive to see the Arts as more than performances.  Beginning in PYP students start to engage with the creative process and build skills over time that allow them to see the world from multiple perspectives. Students use the Arts to express complex ideas about the world they live in and learn to see the Arts as a vehicle for change. They learn the essential skills of empathy, the importance of perspective, the values intrinsic in service, and how the Arts act to connect us all. This may take the form of choreographing their protest dances based on human rights speeches written in their English classes to exploring the musical traditions of indigenous cultures to find a common understanding in Individuals and Societies. Students take on the roles not just of performers, but of choreographers, composers, cinematographers, and more in order to experience all aspects of the creative process.  

Visual Arts

Students at NOVA are exposed to a wide range of visual art techniques.  These range in scope from exploring graphic design through concept mapping to painting furniture to watercolor landscapes. Students are taught to apply the fundamental principles of visual art to the world around them. With a focus on changing perspectives, our students learn to see the world through a lens of possibility and creativity. Our students graduate believing change is possible.  


Dance begins with the essential question: “What message are you conveying to the world?”  Students learn how to use their bodies and postures to convey emotion, tell stories and build empathy. Within the dance curriculum, there are embedded aspects of service as action.  Students choreograph dances to educate others on different social issues. They also learn how the differently abled community embraces dance and creative passion. Through Dance, students are encouraged to believe that they are changemakers.



There is no denying the power of music to enhance our lives. Not only do students at NOVA celebrate a wide range of music genres through performance, but they also take on the roles of record producers, composers, and conductors. Studies have shown that music education can stimulate physical and motor skills, improve memory, and enhance abstract thinking. We recognize the value of music in a well-rounded education and strive to provide our students with the best learning conditions and curricula. Annually we celebrate individual as well as group talents through a variety of performances and celebrations. Students learn to see music as an elevation of culture and a means to find commonality with others. 

Theater/ Drama

You can never truly know another until you have walked a mile in their shoes. Our Drama students learn empathy and compassion for others by exploring their emotions, motivations, and dreams as directors, scriptwriters, producers, and actors. Our curriculum challenges students to put themselves in someone else’s shoes and therefore learn that compassion and empathy are the first step to building a better, more peaceful world. In addition to in-class learning, NOVA provides various performance opportunities for students to showcase their talent and growth. Our students have the opportunity to collaborate and perform in front of a supportive audience, building confidence and a lifelong love of drama.