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Week Without Walls

Week Without Walls program (WWW) is an inquiry-based educational program that provides exciting opportunities for students to learn about the world through the eyes of an experiential learner and to build relationships among each other and the world around them. WWW is an integral part of the  NOVA IB Programme and requires all grades 6-11 students to participate. WWW provides exciting opportunities for students to explore the world through local community connections and build meaningful relationships with each other. During this experience, students can utilize the ATL skills they have practiced throughout the year and embody different aspects of the IB Learner Profile. The educational projects based on academic and practical learning consist of taking various trips and visiting places of relevance pertinent to the studied subject of interest. 
The WWW program focuses on project-based learning, where students engage in an extended knowledge-acquiring process that enables them to solve challenges. This experience stimulates their mental and physical growth and mastery of skills. During the learning experience, students simultaneously apply the knowledge gained to solve authentic problems. 

Week Without Walls co-curricular learning model this fall semester

Students - by grade level cohorts - joined by their advisory teachers would have the chance to experience learning opportunities outside the classroom setting in several different locations. Students who are unable to travel would join the three-day program for the Skopje-based activities, which are also focused on key attributes of the MYP and DP programs, namely creative and active learning and service as action. Please take a look at the grade-level travel information:




Students must understand the purpose of their project or trip well. They must ensure their parents receive all relevant information and obtain parental approval. Students must attend all orientation activities and meetings, and lastly, they must complete all registration requirements. The WWW activities will be recorded on the student’s report cards. Namely, students will be marked as having successfully completed the program. In the event that students do not complete the program, their report card will also reflect that.