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Grading and Graduation Requirements

Graduation Requirements:

Applicable starting with the Graduating Class 2023

To earn a NOVA Secondary School diploma, students must:

  • Complete four years of education in grades 9-12 or their equivalent (*transfer students).

  • Successfully complete all of the MYP subject groups in grades 9 and 10 (or: MYP Years 4 and 5), with no more than two academic achievement grades below “3” in either year, or their equivalent (transfer students), or their equivalent (*transfer students).

  • Successfully complete the MYP Service as Action requirement (grades 9 and 10) and the DP Creativity, Action, Service requirement (grades 11 and 12, both DP and IB Certificate students) or their equivalent (*transfer students).

  • DP students automatically qualify for the NOVA Secondary School Diploma upon successful completion of DP Year 2 (minimum threshold - 24 points in the DP).

  • Students not taking the IB Diploma who successfully complete the Foundations in Research Course will earn 2 points towards their NOVA Secondary School diploma. 

  • Students not taking the IB Diploma would be expected to take a minimum of 5 courses in grades 11 and 12, including IB Certificate coursework. 

  • Recommended distribution per subject area groups, per year:

    • 4 years of English Language and Literature

    • 4 years of Mathematics

    • 3-4 years of Individuals and Societies

    • 3-4 years of Science

    • 2 years of the same Foreign Language

    • 2 years of the Arts or Physical Education or Design (any combination thereof)

    • 4 years of Mother Tongue 

MYP Subject Group Breakdown
Subject: Grades, Mandatory:
English Language and Literature 9,10
Math (Extended or Standard level) 9,10
Integrated Sciences 9,10
Individuals and Societies (Integrated Humanities)  9,10
Language Acquisition (Spanish, German, French, Macedonian, English) 9,10 (2 consecutive years)
Mother Tongue Language and Literature  9,10
Choose Two Classes from below (for two consecutive years in both 9 and 10)
Dance Theater
Music Visual Arts                                                                          
PHE Product Design                                                                                                    
Graphic Design