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MYP (grades 6-10)

The Middle Years Program (MYP) is a rigorous, research-backed program that encourages inquiry thinking skills and prepares students well for the Diploma Programme.  Students in this program take courses from each of the eight subject groups ensuring a well-rounded education. Interdisciplinary learning and service are woven through the heart of the program. This empowers students to apply their learning in real-life situations.

The program culminates in the personal project, an individual student project that allows students to showcase their skills and personal learning passions. For the most current information on subject groups, curriculum, handbooks, and policies, please visit our Nova IB handbooks website.

Subject Groups

The MYP is a curriculum framework that builds on the skills and approaches to learning developed in the PYP.  Students are required to take courses in eight subject areas: individuals and societies, arts, design, language and literature, language acquisition, math, science, and physical and health education. Students experience an MYP education through global context and conceptual understandings.  


Service as Action

The Nova MYP program values service as more than a donation or a single action but as a way for students to utilize their learning for sustained actions. Students, therefore, experience service in two key ways: through independent student-driven projects and embedded into the curriculum. 

Personal Project

The personal project is the capstone experience for MYP students.  This externally assessed project allows students to apply the skills they have gained throughout the program to a passion project. Every MYP 5 student explores an interest, from baking to dressmaking, from robotics and carpentry to physical fitness; students are encouraged to create something they feel passionately about. Each year the personal project exhibition thrills the NOVA community with student ingenuity.

Approaches to Learning

The IB program is predicated on the concept that all students can learn. To enable all students to access the curriculum, they must be explicitly taught how to learn. Therefore the IB has identified a set of key skills that act as the foundation of all IB programs. These skills are taught and assessed in all units of the MYP.